Air Lift Performance 3H system


Image of Air Lift Performance 3H system

The 3H from Air Lift Performance is both a height and pressure based management that features 5 preset heights and individual four corner air spring control. The height based sensors give the system the ability to automatically re-level when loads change.

Installed the system but don’t feel like finishing up the height based leveling sensors? Not a problem! Since the 3H system also utilizes pressure sensors, you can drive your car in pressure mode until you find the time to get around to installing the height sensors.

The 3H’s wired digital controller displays all four bag pressures as well as the tank pressure. The controller uses a full color, backlit screen and features a rotatable keypad that allows for horizontal controller mounting.

Air Lift’s mobile app allows the vehicle to be put into a ‘show mode’ which enables you to control the air suspension wirelessly (Bluetooth) from a distance once the vehicle has been turned off. No additional hardware is required to use this feature. Future system updates can be sent directly to the ECU and controller through the app as well.

Air Lift’s digital managements utilize a combined ECU and manifold which makes for a simpler and quicker installation. The included plug-n-play wiring harness will power a single compressor. If you’re planning on running dual compressors, you will need to pick up a dual compressor power kit instead.

Air Lift includes a limited lifetime warranty and free technical support to the original purchaser of the 3P management system.

(5) height and pressure presets
Automatic leveling (with height sensors installed)
Manual mode for individual air spring control
Digital controller with color screen
Rotatable keypad that allows for horizontal mounting
Mobile app (no additional hardware required)
System updates through mobile app
Combined ECU and manifold
Rise on start
Limited lifetime warranty
Air Lift Performance 3H System Includes:
Air Lift Performance 3H System
Combined ECU/Manifold Unit
(4) Air Lift Performance Height Sensors and Mounting Hardware
ECU/Manifold Mounting Hardware
Air Lift Performance 3H/3P Controller and Harness
Pre-assembled ECU/Manifold Wiring Harness with built-in Compressor Relay
In-line Fuse Holders (with fuses)
Wiring Terminals for hassle-free Installation
100% Free Technical Support - The Industry's Best!


Image of Air Lift Performance 3H system Image of Air Lift Performance 3H system Image of Air Lift Performance 3H system